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At FZAMI Diamonds, we marry the brilliance of lab-grown diamonds with the timeless allure of 18-carat gold to craft exquisite jewelry that tell your unique story and represents symbol of love, commitment, and sustainable luxury.

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability sets us apart, making us your go-to destination for stunning, eco-friendly, and ethically sourced diamond jewelry.

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Equivalent to the concept of IVF technology in babies, CVD diamonds are REAL diamonds grown in the labs by exactly replicating the diamond creation process which occurs below the surface of the earth. These diamonds bear the exact same carbon composition, properties and characteristics as mined diamonds.

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At FZAMI JEWELLERS, we are driven by a passion for redefining luxury and embracing ethical elegance. Our journey began with a vision to create exquisite jewelry that not only dazzles but also aligns with our values of sustainability and responsibility.

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At FZAMI DIAMONDS, we offer you a promise, a commitment to ethical elegance and an unwavering dedication to quality. When you choose our lab-grown diamond jewelry; you are not just making a purchase, you're making a statement that aligns with your values and exceeds your expectations.

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Our jewellery is certified by SGL - Solitaire Gemological Labs, an Indian origin but world-renowned diamond grading and certifying organisation with the second largest lab network in the world.


Yes! Lab grown diamonds (LGD) are the same as mined diamonds but grown in labs instead of below the earth. Like test-tube babies and naturally born babies where the process is different, LGDs are 100% genuine diamonds grown by replicating the diamond creation process below the earth's surface.
Yes. With the naked eye, it's impossible to tell the difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds. Even a trained gemologist can't distinguish between lab-created and natural diamonds without sophisticated equipment! They also have the same sparkle that you'd find in a genuine diamond.
Diamonds can be grown in laboratories through two processes namely CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and HPHT (High Temperature High Pressure)
CVD diamonds are created using an advanced technology in laboratories whereas natural diamonds are mined from under the surface of the earth. CVD diamonds do not incur the expense of mining and hence are significantly lesser in price.

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17 May 2024 | John Jeffay Ultra-Wealthy Buying Lab Growns, says Dubai Jeweler

(IDEX Online) - Even wealthy clients, who can readily afford natural diamonds, are buying lab growns, says the founder of a luxury jewelry brand in Dubai.
Fergus James says he sells high-end lab-grown diamond bracelets to wealthy socialites, influencers and Premier League footballers.
He says one client, an ultra-high net individual from India, spends over $500,000 a year - all on lab grown rather than mined diamonds.
Fergus, who runs Fergus James, formerly known as Dubai Rocks, says the surge of interest in lab growns came after the 2022 Netflix documentary Nothing Lasts Forever.
He says that within a month of it first being broadcast demand for lab growns flipped from 5-10 per cent to 80-90 per cent.
"What came through very quickly was that it wasn't what the diamond industry was anticipating in terms of the general demographic or customer profile they anticipated would buy it," he told Arabian Business.
"It has actually transpired that the customer profile is just completely non-discriminatory. It's everyone! Even people who've got money, they can afford to buy whatever they wanted."